Supporting local community!
24th April 2023

Supporting local community!

At Clyde, supporting charities is ingrained into our culture, and we are very happy to announce we have donated our paper to over 12 charities in total.

As a family-owned business, we do everything we can to be a part of the local community and help support those in needs.

We believe now is the vital time to help and support, and we know the kindness and good gesture, does not cost anything but brings smiles on people faces and as customer service is our core value, we do everything we can to provide the first-class service in every situation.

Some of the charities that we have donated to are:

  •  Cerebral Palsy Scotland
  •  3D Drumchapel
  •  Glasgow’s Golden Generation
  •   The Marie Trust

We believe our donated paper can make a difference and as we know how important these charities are, we can’t thank them enough to show how much we appreciate their hard work on making a difference in lives in those in needs.