The Best NCR Paper - Xerox Premium Digital Carbonless Paper Range
31st October 2017

The Best NCR Paper - Xerox Premium Digital Carbonless Paper Range

With the Idem Carbonless Paper range now discontinued, are you looking for an alternative NCR paper for digitally printing your multi-part NCR forms?

Xerox Premium Digital Carbonless Paper range

Look no further – the Xerox Digital Carbonless range is the ultimate solution for digitally printing any multi-part NCR forms.

The range is fully optimised and guaranteed for all digital printers, including HP Indigo, and Kodak NexPress.

  • High quality NCR paper for reliable digital printing
  • Available in Single Sheets or Pre-Collated Sets
  • Comes in A4, A3 and SRA3 sizes
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Great for high volume and duplex printing
  • Suitable for mono and colour laser printing

Xerox Digital Carbonless Paper is perfect for printing delivery notes, pharmaceutical reports, invoices, job estimates and any other multipart forms.

The range offers vastly superior results and runability in digital laser printers, compared to non-digital-specific options such as Giroform.

Single Sheets:

When buying Xerox Carbonless Paper in single sheet form, there are three sheet types to choose from: Top Sheets, Middle Sheets and Bottom Sheets. For Top Sheets, look for items described as ‘CB’, which means Coated Back, i.e. the Carbon coating is on the back of the sheet. Middle Sheets are described as ‘CFB’ (Coated Front and Back); and Bottom Sheets are described as ‘CF’ (Coated Front).

All three sheet types are available in White, Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue tints.

Pre-Collated Sets:

Xerox Carbonless Pre-Collated Sets are available in 2-part, 3-part of 4-part sets, in A4 and A3. Various colour combinations are available, including White/Pink, White/Yellow, White/Yellow/Pink, White/Pink/Yellow, and many more.

View the full Xerox Digital Carbonless Paper range here, or contact us now for free samples.